Bouvard Marine has been providing engineering solutions to the Australian Marine industry for over 26 years. Our experienced team can assist with a range of marine solutions and have been part of major international projects.

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Boat Pontoons

Cleverly designed for longevity and functionality

All of our pontoons are designed for heavy commercial use, which can also be used with all leisure and recreational boats too. Bouvard marine can supply and install a standard pontoon or custom designed for your unique vessel.

Our manufacturing facility in Mandurah enables us to fabricate Pile Mounted Pontoons, Cable Braced Pontoons, Strut-Braced Pontoons as well as Flat and Dry Berth options.

Pile Mounted Pontoons

Bouvard Marine offers both dry berths, and flat top pile mounted pontoons.

Pile mounted pontoons are ideal for any weather conditions and are great if you require more space.

Our Dry Berth pile mounted pontoons offer the convenient storage or your boat/watercraft. You have the option of a manual winch or 240v electric winch, complete with 10-meter cable remote, stand and fiberglass cover.

A Flat Top pontoon is ideal for anyone wishing to moor their boat permanently. It allows a greater pontoon area for kayaks, jet skis, and other watercraft.

Strut Braced Pontoons

Suitable for areas where piles cannot be installed or for moorings requiring more strength. It can be built to any size to suit any vessel.

Also known as stabiles bar pontoons, they can be fitted almost anywhere. They are also excellent for boundary installations and duplex blocks.

Cable Pontoons

Cable pontoons are typically fitted to calmer waters; therefore, they are ideally designed for everyday canal/lakeside living. Additionally, an essential component of this design is the gangway is secured with lateral support. This is achieved through fitting stainless steel cables from the pontoon to the shore.

Our cable pontoons are constructed from the highest grade of materials, including the aluminum deck and the floatation system. Using a truss-like system for the deck, the lightweight series is powerful, layered over the truss is aluminum sheeting to which the carpet is then fixed onto. Using only quality materials and no timber, the lightweight series has a long life expectancy.

If you are looking for an experienced and qualified team for your next Marine project, look no further than Bouvard Marine. Our industry-leading practices and innovative technology puts us at the forefront of marine solutions. There is no project too big or small, and our workshop in conveniently located in Mandurah.


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