Bouvard Marine has been providing engineering solutions to the Australian Marine industry for over 26 years. Our experienced team can assist with a range of marine solutions and have been part of major international projects.

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Boarding Platforms Gangways

Adaptable landing platforms.

The experienced team at Bouvard Machine can design and build a custom boarding platform and gangway for your vessel and its landing.

Each boarding platform is manufactured here in WA and complies with the Australian standard. We work with our clients to assess their specific access needs and consult with dockside staff for any larger commercial grade gangways.

Quality Design – Superior Quality

We ensure quality, safety, and superior functionality by way of:

  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification and compliance
  • Working to ISO and Australian Standards
  • Full compliance with shipboard protocols and marine authorities
  • Detailed drawings, ongoing inspections, and Engineer’s Reports
  • Stainless steel and aluminium alloys specifically designed and tested for use in marine and saltwater environments

Gangway Design Options

Gangway Designs may be of column type (Gangway) or tower type (Catway). The tower system incorporates a mobile element with elevator technology that allows extending the range of action in a vertical direction.

Likewise, the telescopic system of the aluminum access ladders and the different tilting and turning devices will enable a fully operational capability.


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