Bouvard Marines Mandurah based facility enables us to create beautiful long lasting stainless steel for your home or business.

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Bouvard Marine is a local manufacturing company based in Mandurah Western Australia committed to safety standards and environmental impacts. We have been trading for the past 26 years and are a diverse company, specializing in Aluminum, Stainless-Steel Welding, Plastic Welding, and Fabrication.

We can manufacture, modify, or repair almost anything in aluminum or stainless steel and have an excellent reputation for high-quality work at a local, national, and international level.

Being a local company, we can respond quickly to urgent repairs and requests. Some of our current clients include Austal Ships, Echo Yachts, Silver Yachts, Alcoa Australia, City of Mandurah, Adventure World, Water Corporation and Universal Marina Systems Western Australia


  • Provide service advice and information that is relevant and cost-effective to our clients
  • Treat each client with professional ethics and “best practice management.”
  • Provide excellent customer service with pride and dignity
  • Understand and improve the business capacity of our clients
  • Continue our professional development to deliver contemporary services
  • Provide products and services that are competitive
  • Customise a product to suit individual requests
  • Customer satisfaction

Our capabilities include manufacturing engineering components in stainless steel, duplex, and copper-nickel, such as pipework, inline strainers, aluminum and stainless-steel guard railing, work platforms as well as floating marina decks, bridges and a variety of ship components.

The company currently employs 10 permanent local workers, which include coded stainless Steel and aluminum welders who are DNV & GL certified. The company owns its premises in Mandurah, which consists of one 470 square meter unit used for aluminum fabrication and two 225 square meter units used as a machine shop, stainless steel, and aluminum workshops.